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When to Become a “No” Girl


Being nice is part of who I am. Helping out when I am asked, doing what I can to look for opportunities for other people is just an instinct within me. But, this is Hollywood and Yes girls don’t get priority in this world. While it may be great to always be on hand for people who are making their way in this industry, riding along doesn’t mean they will take you with them. Or even if they do, is that a good thing? So when do we say no?

  1. When it would pull you away from another opportunity.

Sometimes we are so busy doing things for other peoples careers we lose out on opportunities for our own. Make sure this doesn’t happen. 

  1. When they are your “Hollywood” friends.

Those friends that are only friends in name, and only want from you and never give. Why work for free? Why show up? Time is money, and when you aren’t getting anything from the situation but the cold shoulder as soon as someone with a name walks by, don’t bother. Say no.

  1. When it does nothing for you.

Will this further your career? Your friendships? Will it enrich your life in any way? Then the answer is no. There is a point in life to be selfish, and to not over draw your self. 

  1. When they have cashed out of favors.

This person wants this and this from you. But hey when you need help, or when they have a role that’s perfect for you, where are they? Well then you guys the answer is no.

The bottom line is that you can be nice and not a sucker. It’s hard to find the perfect balance, and most of these rules can of course be bent because of the circumstances. If it makes you feel bad, used, over worked, under appreciated, then it’s not right for you. It doesn’t mean you have to hate these people. After all who doesn’t like free candy! Instead take control over your own destiny and like Agent Carter, know your worth!

Anastasia Washington

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Anastasia Washington is an actress, writer, producer, director, curvy positive model, and I’m sure there’s some other things she does. You can listen in to her awesome podcasts “Legion of Leia”, “Nerd Up or Shut Up”, “Its Probably Aliens”, “Geek Girl Social Club”, “Nerds in Lala Land” on iTunes and more! With over 30 years in the biz as an actor, performer, comedian, singer, she brings the honesty and laughs. You can follow her on twitter at @AnastasiaW on instagram at @Anastasiawash and on her hilarious Youtube Channel Anastationtv! Or head on over to for all things Anastasia.