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Survival Guide: Online Networks


So a company has seen your work. They love it! They want you to produce your show on their channel. All great news right?

One thing about self-producers is that we are used to doing everything on our own. The A to Z of production is you, so there are no methods to learn, no protocols. It’s your style, your time line, and your way. So here are some tips from moving from a one-man army to a network producer in a snap.


Be up on their procedures from the start. On your initial meeting green lighting your show add specific procedure questions. Tech Sheet Format, Editing responsibilities, assets, music, etc… The more you know, the better prepared you are to make the first episode your best.

Tech Sheet.

The best way to communicate is through a script or tech sheet. For your scripted shows, this means a solid script. Detailed with not only dialogue, but points of titles, graphics and more. This will give your studio the information it needs to make a shot list and more. For unscripted, this tool is your tech sheet. For your tech sheet, include visual and audio cues, titles, and assets, names of guests and social handles for your studio ready. The more detailed it is, the better the situation you are walking into on “go day”.


While this may seem obvious, it’s the most important. You must communicate and in a healthy manner. This means labeling emails with subjects that allow producers and everyone involved to easily search for the information they are looking for. While emails may be lost, or moved under a pile of chaos, you can easily pull them up if they are labeled.

Know your crew.

I know. Your crew has been your friends and family so long you never needed to this, but things are on a bigger scale now. Get to know the methods of your crew. Appreciate them and open up communication with them as these are the people you will be relying on to continue your show.

Be true to your project.

This is your vision. Your baby. Don’t lose that! Keep your vision solid, and while being polite is nice and should always be in your pocket, so should communicating your vision and standing up for your project’s direction.

Just remember each crew and each company you work for is different which will cause different challenges. Just communicate and be prepared and know this will not be your last production, and with each one we all grow. Imagine how on point your twentieth production will be! Breath and go get ‘em!

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