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Everything You Do Is PR: Create Your Personal Brand


Hi! My name is Britt and I’m a public relations professional in Santa Monica. I’ve worked in PR in the hospitality/travel, automotive, tech and entertainment spheres and I’m here to bring you tips and tricks on how to promote yourself and your creative endeavors. For my first post, I’m going to start with the basics – what is PR?

So many people come up to me and ask what PR is. PR is under the marketing umbrella, but it’s not marketing – marketing is designed to drive sales and conversions. It’s also not advertising – in advertising, you exchange money for an advertisement. PR is so difficult because no money can be exchanged. It’s called earned media because you have to convince people to write and share about you because they believe in what you’re doing, not because you paid them to.

So how does this relate to you, a creative woman in the industry? Well, it’s simple. Public relations isn’t just about getting media coverage for your project in Variety. It’s about shaping people’s perceptions and understanding about you and what you do.

Everything you say, do and create contributes to people’s perceptions of you. You can think of this as your personal brand. What words immediately come to mind when you think of Starbucks? You might think “coffee,” “pricey,” “a treat,” “seasonal,” “it’s everywhere,” “red cup controversy,” “quality,” “daily necessity,” etc. What would Starbucks want you to think of? Probably that they’re a quality coffee company with branches all over the world for convenience that people both need and want to indulge in every day. And everything they do is with the purpose of causing that brand perception in your mind.

Now think. What do you want people to think of when they hear your name? You might want to be known as a leader in your field, or as an incredibly successful or intelligent person. Maybe your motivations are more social-based, and you want to be known as kind, thoughtful and friendly. Perhaps you want to be a household name, or maybe you would rather your work take the spotlight instead of you. Write down the characteristics that you most want people to attribute to you, and then make sure that you are embodying those qualities each and every day. Make sure that the way you interact with people leaves them with these words in their minds. Ensure that your work, your projects and the things you create instill people with these characteristics. This is personal branding, this is PR, and you don’t need a publicist or a PR firm to help you with this (although it certainly helps).

What are the qualities that embody your ideal personal brand? Let me know in the comments!


Brittany Nicole La Hue

About Brittany Nicole La Hue

Brittany Nicole is a public relations professional representing entertainment, production, post-production, visual effects and virtual reality companies at Press Kitchen PR in Santa Monica, Calif. A USC graduate, she worked with Dr. Stacy Smith at the USC Annenberg School for Communication in media effects research, studying the effects of gender and sexuality in the film industry. This is where she discovered her passion for advancing the cause of women in entertainment. After graduation, Brittany Nicole worked in PR for the city of West Hollywood, a Downtown LA nonprofit and three major automotive companies before venturing into the scary yet exciting world of entertainment. In her free time, she runs a fashion blog, Diaries of a Domestic Diva, which focuses on accessible fashion, LA bars and restaurants and crafts/recipes. She also enjoys writing, exploring, VR experiences, watching documentaries and supporting other women in their career endeavors.