Actors: Resolving to be YOU


This time of year is a time for career, body, and mind renewal. But who are we renewing for? When making career resolutions we tend to try and shape ourselves for what will get us cast. Which of course, is not a bad thing, but when you’ve been in the business as long as I have conformity becomes you, and you can lose the uniqueness that is you.

Let’s resolve instead to bring unique content and talent to the screen. To be the best us possible, instead of the best cookie cutter image. So, here are my resolutions for the industry.

Be a healthy you, not a size 2

…unless that truly is a healthy you. You can not and will not conquer this mountain we call the industry unless you are in a healthy frame of mind. Yo-yo dieting, desperately trying to be something you’re not whether that be a size 14 or a size 00, is an impossible task. I have had pressure to do both extremes, but my healthy self, well, it’s somewhere in middle. Focusing on my number on the scale is not making it easier for me to blaze trails and to be my best self at the audition. The weight of not being the ideal number goes with you to each audition. It puts you back in your career with statements like, in 10 pounds I’ll take new head shots. Or in 20 pounds I’ll get a new agent. Do it now. Don’t wait for weight.

Don’t see it, create it 

In this age of social media, it’s so easy to complain, to get wrapped up in all the hoopla, and get lost in all the rage. I think we should all resolve to not be so full of rage, but, most importantly, if something makes you angry, change it. Don’t see the diversity you want to see. Create diversity. Tired of not seeing the comedy style you love. Do it! In other words, don’t just scream about it, do something about it. It’s easy to yell and hide behind our computer screens, but to create something, now that’s truly something special.

Be Kind 

This industry is tough enough without being at each other’s throats. So I have a challenge for us as women in the industry: Congratulate one another on accomplishments. Create with one another. Find your squad and build each other up.

Men in the industry do it all the time. As they rise so do their friends. Spielberg did it. Adam Sandler did it, and now women are doing it. This is one trend that is worthy. Help each other out. It takes nothing from you to see other women succeed. In fact, it does so much for you to see those around you excel. It motivates you, and it helps create the kind of world you want to perform in. So if you see a role perfect for your friend, share it. If your friend books a national commercial, congratulate them. It puts you in a better place, and it puts them in a better place. Kindness is a win-win.

I guess the thing I want to see this year is kind, strong, and motivated women helping other strong, kind, motivated women. There is truly no stopping us this year if we work together. There is power in numbers. So keep healthy, keep kind, and break ceilings.