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Empowerment in Book Form


I’m a book addict. Completely and totally must be reading something new and compelling everyday. And one of my major addictions is autobiographies by amazing people that I look up to. Career crushes if you will. Nothing pushes the reset button like encouragement and nothing is as encouraging as finding out your idols’ stories. The ups and the downs. You need to know about their failures to endure your own.

One problem. So many books, so little time. Don’t worry I’ve read a bunch for you and have picked my top 5 most motivating autobiographies. So start your engines and read up!

  1. Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

media.hdp.hbgusaBitch is the new black, as Tina would say. This book is really about how to find the Boss Lady within, not being apologetic, and demanding what you deserve while working hard. This book was a hard lesson for me, but an important one. As women we are not taught to ask for what we deserve, but thanks to books like this, and friends around me, I’m learning. 

  1. Yes Please! by Amy Poehler


This book is one of my favorites! Reminiscent of my own humor and social graces, I truly enjoyed reading this book. So can you be a polite girl and succeed? Apparently you can! Yes please!

  1. Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg


Nerd do well is part biography, part epic spy tale. Yes you heard that right. Simon finds it so uncomfortable to talk about himself that he adds a fictional tale of epic proportions. Regardless of his evasion to chatting about himself what you do learn from this book is about friendship and love, and how much they can boost your career.

  1. Suck it Wonder Woman by Olivia Munn


As a nerd girl, I have experienced a lot of the same things described in this book. The attacks on whether or not I’m nerdy enough, the constant quizzing, whether she wrote this book or not, whether she’s nerdy enough or not. I truly enjoyed this book. Work of fact or fiction,

  1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling


This book is great for those who suffer from anxiety like me. How can you be in an industry that constantly judges you when you’re constantly judging yourself. Well you can do it. You will have moments, and you are not alone. Just check out this book to realize how normal those feelings actually are.

There are so many motivating books out there. You just have to find one with your vibe. Obviously I can’t end this article without mentioning the Ms. In the Biz book now available online and at Samuel French in Hollywood. A tribe of women I’m honored to know contributed to this book, and these women are truly inspiring. So be sure to pick that up!



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