Spotlight Interview: International Voiceover Artist Marie Brock by Barbara Deutsch


Marie Brock sat in on one of my IN THE BIZ events a year ago. When it was time for Q and A, the panel kept gravitating to Marie. I didn’t know her yet. She jumped in at the last minute. I was intrigued by the questions she asked and how interesting she was when she listened to the answers. This girl has beauty and brains. She came to me for coaching and as we began to work together I saw the reason for her success in the international voiceover world. She has a healthy ego and humility. I would talk about that combo referencing Justin Timberlake. She’s got it. She’s up for a challenge and releases it if it’s not going her way. Which is why it goes her way. She has inspired my group when we work together and I believe she can inspire you.

How did you get started with voiceover work/acting?

I accidentally met a Danish girl in a Dance class in London. We became really good friends and she was the voice of Denmark’s second largest commercial channel. When she got her first presenting job on Danish television she asked if I was interested in her recommending me to the channel. At first I was hesitant, I hadn´t done any voiceover ever. I had only worked as an actress. But she did and I went through the casting process and got the job. So my first voiceover job ever was two weeks later live on national television. I was very lucky and it was the best stepping stone you could ask for.

Spotlight Interview: International Voiceover Artist Marie Brock by Barbara Deutsch

What kind of work have you done and where?

Being the voice of such a large channel was a huge learning curve and gave me such a great foundation. I learned on the job. And after being live on air for 4 years I have been able to do pretty much everything like commercials, animation, video games, Radio, ADR and E=Learning. I am also the annoying person on a mobile network and the in-flight voice on an airline. So voiceover really is full of variety.

What is the difference between working here and in Europe?

Well, in Europe you are not greeted at the studio by a valet guy who parks your car. On a more serious note, the difference isn’t that big when you get in the studio and put your headphones on. In London I was so used to getting in the studio, being handed a script, and going straight to a take. Here they actually give you a lot more time. I was in a studio and they booked me for three hours and I was done in one and they were in shock that I got it so quickly, so I guess working under pressure in London really prepared me.

Spotlight Interview: International Voiceover Artist Marie Brock by Barbara Deutsch

Are you getting the same treatment as a man?

When it comes to the actual work yes. But I have been told, for instance, during the financial crises advertising agencies tend to choose women because they seem more trust worthy. Looking back I did maybe book more male oriented brands then usual. That can be a coincidence, or not.

How do you make yourself known when there is so much competition?

Just because people say you have a good voice doesn´t mean it’s good for voiceover.  It´s funny but you have a speaking voice and then the professional voice. It´s two very different things. I was lucky but I trained and still do. Keep at it. Have a great attitude and if you are supposed to work in voiceover you will.

Spotlight Interview: International Voiceover Artist Marie Brock by Barbara Deutsch

What are the pitfalls encountered in the voiceover world?

Because voiceover artists work in a studio and nobody “sees you”, people can think that it’s fun and games. It is to some extent, but it’s a job and you have to give it your all and really work on your material. There are online voiceover agencies that will charge you membership fees. I’m not a fan. Because of technology today you can have a simple home studio and just send things out with out really knowing what you are doing and charge very little. That doesn’t do you any favours in the long term. I feel like that lowers the standard of the industry

How has coaching helped you further your career?

Coaching expanded my idea of what is possible for me. It´s been giving me the freedom to explore all the facets that I dreamt of. As an artist you are often thinking by yourself. Even though I have a great manager and agent, coaching brings something else and you really get an overview of what you want to accomplish next. You get your goals en point.

Spotlight Interview: International Voiceover Artist Marie Brock by Barbara Deutsch

Where do you live in LA?

I live in Malibu. I recently bought a house there. It is one of the most beautiful places here. It’s quiet, you have the ocean, and you are only surrounded by nature. I felt like it was a place I could really be an artist and create, especially when I am preparing for a role.

How do you find balance?

I don’t think there is balance. The scales tip one way or another, getting them to balance is an unending challenge. Living the life as an actress and voiceover artist, you never know when things are happening. So I guess I try and really enjoy when I have free time, even though I don’t know when the next project is.