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3 Keys To Achieving Greater Success


Ever wonder what might be stopping you from achieving greater success in your career?

Best selling author + quantum leap expert, Price Prichett states,

“Most people operate with a mindset that assumes success comes one step at a time.”

Why? Because it feels way easier and much safer than making quantum leaps.

Our mind either tells us that career quantum leaps rarely happen or that we are not ready for something quite that big.3 Keys To Achieving Greater Success Our common sense may not even believe a quantum leap is possible, but it is.

  • Can you really go from booking one commercial to booking a 26-spot campaign?  Yes, you can.
  • Can you really go from wondering where your next paycheck is to making 6 figures in a year?  Yes, you can.
  • Can you really go from no auditions for a month to a series recurring role?  Yes, you can.
  • Can you really go from auditioning to getting offers?  Yes, you can.
  • Can you really go from booking one TV episode to returning for 10 more?  Yes, you can.

How do I know?  Because I have personally experienced every single quantum leap listed above.

That’s actually one of the exciting things about being in this business, everything can shift overnight…and you never know when it can happen.

So no matter what mood your find yourself in today, know that, YES you can take a quantum leap in your career AND yes, it can happen as soon as this week!

Remind yourself that you are here to live an extraordinary life + to use all your gifts along the way.

It might just be a matter of setting the reset button on what you are thinking, doing and believing.

Here are 3 keys to achieving greater success:

  • MINDSET: Start thinking beyond what normal “common sense” tells you is possible in your career right now. Pause the recording of your looping self-limiting thoughts – remind yourself that you are not your thoughts + they can be changed.
  • ACTIONS: Break out of your old habits + daily routines. Do something this week that is sends you outside of your comfort zone – whether it’s making a call, starting a project or taking a class that scares you.
  • BELIEF: Know that you are ready to take a quantum leap right now. Visualize what it would feel like to be on the other side of a big career quantum leap.  Hold the vision + repeat it often – doing daily visualization will strengthen your belief.

Once you practice holding the expanded vision of whatever you “think” is possible + get out of your habitual comfort zone, answers will begin to show up that guide you forward.

Here’s to achieving greater success this month + knowing you are ready for a quantum leap!

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy

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