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Not All Girls Like Pink


Not all girls like pink, and not all women like romantic comedies. Women like all kinds of films. Women like action, suspense, horror, drama and even war movies. Women also enjoy comedies, dramas and time-pieces. And those romantic comedies, well, women like those too. Women like great stories, period.

The original Mad Max was first filmed in 1979 and starred Mel Gibson. He played the no nonsense cop that was out to do good at any cost. In the 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road, they gave Charlize Theron the lead. She plays a tough, takes-no-shit woman, who can hold her own and saves Max and her fellow citizens. She frees the wives that are keeping society going and gives the control of water back to the people. It has been compared to the western genre, where survival is key. Women aren’t supposed to like westerns. But Mad Max: Fury Road was a hit with women. It’s also worth noting that men lost their minds with it. There were some men that were openly upset with the fact that director George Miller had chosen a strong female lead. This opened up a much needed dialog about women taking the tough lead. Tom Hardy was even questioned about it, and to his credit, thought the question about a strong female lead was a non-issue. Point being is that it doesn’t matter if the lead character is male of female, if the story and acting is good, women like that. And they really dug the action in the film as well.

Women do like romantic comedies, but women enjoy them more when the story line is more realistic and not every young woman is falling for the man that is twice her age or the couple meet and they fall instantly in love. Women don’t mind if the ending isn’t a “happily-ever after” ending but that it’s true to the story. Love Actually is a great romantic comedy that tells a great story in a way that every gender can enjoy it. I know some guys that really like that film. It’s a great ensemble cast with some really balanced story lines. It shows love from different perspectives, which means someone may relate to at least one of them, whether they are in love with their friend’s wife or being cheated on or the fantasy of running off to find hot babes. Again, I go back to story. If you have a great story the genre doesn’t matter.

Women also like movies that are just there to entertain us, like the Magic Mike movies. Women like to watch hot guys moving in front of us, just like the men like hot women doing the same. Women know going into those films that it’s all eye candy and don’t’ expect much more from them. We get what we are expecting, that’s why it works. Women had Magic Mike parties for the screenings. Women like to have fun for fun sake too.

When the film has a well written storyline, no one really cares if the film is supposed to be made for a male or female. Both women and men appreciate when a film takes them away, either through a great, deep experience, or an action film that takes them on a great ride, or a suspenseful film that ends in a way they didn’t see coming. So with this knowledge making films should be about telling the best story possible. When making films, don’t worry if it’s for a male of female audience. It’s for a human audience that enjoys the kinds of story you are telling. This will free you, and me, to tell the best story we can and let the audience enjoy the film.

Dawn Cobalt

About Dawn Cobalt

Beginning her education in art, Dawn made a natural progression into film and after graduating from The New York Film Academy, founded the production company FutureView Entertainment. Her entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for knowledge had her winning awards in numerous categories such as best director, editor and special jury prize. Dawn’s unique perspective and styling has made her the auteur of her films since the beginning of her multi-creative career now spanning over two decades. Her films have been seen all over the world, and her stories strike at the very chord of the human spirit. They are emotional, inspiring, comical and always directed with a compelling message of truth and humanity. “One of the joys of filmmaking,” Dawn exclaims, “is the collaboration when working with actors, both seasoned professionals and new talent. Being an actor’s director is a role that I take seriously, letting them shine is my intention.”