3 Steps To Creating Certainty


No matter what you have created (or have yet to create) in your life and career so far this year, remember this…


Did you really take that in?

“If you have the ability to imagine it,
the Universe has the ability + the resources to deliver it fully to you.”

So what stops us then? How do we lose our way? Why aren’t we where we want to be?

Somehow, over time, we lose that feeling of certainty.

Remember when you were a kid + you just believed, fearlessly, that you could do anything?

What happened? How did that feeling of certainty get dialed down or completely turned off?

Maybe someone along the way convinced you it’s too hard, you’re not good enough, it’s too late and it can’t happen?

Maybe you believed these lies and then got in the habit of doubting yourself?

Maybe you’re not even aware how it happened, but you know you don’t feel as certain as you used to that you’ll ever get there.

If you feel stuck in your acting career, you might also be engaging in a daily habit of…

  • Filling your mind with self-doubt and your day with negative self-talk.
  • Convincing yourself that your dreams are not possible.
  • Looking for evidence that backs up why you can’t get there.

Ultimately, your daily habits turn into daily beliefs, and all this negativity ends up blocking you from accomplishing your big dreams or even feeling inspired to take action.

But when you realize that your beliefs are the engine that fuel your life, and you learn how to reprogram and upgrade your belief system, you can actually begin to change the course of your destiny.

Here are 3 steps to creating certainty:

  1. Choose a new thought

If you wake up each morning thinking the same thoughts you did yesterday, you’ll end up with the same results.

To upgrade your belief system, make a conscious choice to choose thoughts that uplift you, since a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. You can change your beliefs one thought at a time.

Start to notice how your thoughts make you feel. Then remind yourself:
“If it feels good, it’s true for me. If it feels bad it’s a lie. I choose thoughts that feel good.”

2. Practice positive self-talk

Since how you feel effects what you do, instead of doubting that your efforts will lead to anything, choose a more empowering frame of mind.

Ask yourself: How do I want to feel today? How would I talk to myself today to ignite that feeling within me? What can I do today that will help me feel this way?

As you practice positive self-talk, it will naturally lead you to taking more inspired actions.

3. Imagine it all being “no big deal”

When you begin living the life you’ve imagined, oddly enough, you will eventually feel like it’s really no big deal.

So start to imagine yourself not only living a big goal you set out to achieve this year, but visualize yourself living it + feeling like it’s really no big deal. This will help strengthen your sense of certainty.

When you start a daily ritual of feeding your brain new thoughts, reframing your self-talk and creating certainty within you here’s what will begin to happen:

  • Your subconscious mind will go to work to match your new belief system.
  • You’ll become more positive and passionate about your dreams.
  • New ideas will begin to spark within you.
  • Your inner critic’s voice will soften.
  • You’ll feel motivated to take new actions.
  • You’ll start getting new results

Soon, you’ll not only believe you can get there, but you’ll start feeling that it’s all really no big deal.

When you create this kind of unwavering certainty + continue to take action, all kinds of synchronicitites will start showing up.

New results are formed first by creating new rituals.

If you want an easy way to implement these ideas (in less 15 minutes) check out my brand new guided visualization, Creating Certainty here.

No matter what methods you use to upgrade your beliefs, here’s to a month of creating certainty + believing in your dreams again.

Love + Gratitude,