The Evolution of Ms. In The Biz and the “Season Finale Wrap Party”


In the fall of 2012 I was searching for a community, for a place where the incredible women I knew in the industry could gather online (and in-person) to tell their stories, and thus Ms. In The Biz was born.

After launching in May of 2013 Ms. In The Biz has grown into even more than I thought it could be.  Not only has it been viewed over 640,000 times by a worldwide readership, it has spawned the Ms. In The Biz #HireaMs database featuring hundreds of women with skills in every part of the film industry. We published a phenomenal book, have held amazing panels and workshops and some incredibly kick ass parties as well as private events for our writers.

Women are collaborating and hiring one another on a daily basis through the connections made by being a part of this site.  It’s AMAZING and brings me so much joy!  Congratulations because YOU ALL made this the community that it has become.

In addition to all of that, over 250 female contributors have graciously given of themselves over the past three and a half years, sharing their experiences through invaluable articles.  The blog and community have grown and thrived because of all of YOU, and our hard working admin team members who have been instrumental in the day to day of running the site.

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to say that over the last four years, the industry has been shifting.  Women’s voices are being heard in a way they have never been heard before. Tons of websites and groups, organizations and communities, have popped up all over and it’s phenomenal. There isn’t a site or community quite like Ms. In The Biz nor do I think there will ever be, but I do believe that there are a lot of amazing communities and resources that didn’t exist back when the site was conceived in my tiny studio apartment back in 2012.

After much thought and consideration, as the Founder of Ms. In The Biz, I have decided that it’s time for a “Season Finale” if you will, for the blogging platform of the site.

The Ms. In The Biz website and community will stay alive and thriving through the website itself,  twitter handle, the #HireaMs database, panels and appearances, and the connections that we have all created, but as of December 5th, 2016, Ms. In The Biz will be transitioning away from being a blog-style magazine. We will be archiving the over 1800 articles on the website so that they can be enjoyed for years to come, but will no longer be publishing daily posts.

We are on to the next season of career growth for all of us, and for the Ms. In The Biz brand.

In true Ms. In The Biz fashion, I plan for the blogging side of the website to have a proper celebration, so we will be having a kick ass “Season Finale Wrap Party” on Monday, December 5th 2016 at The Phoenix, an AWESOME new indoor/outdoor bar near the Beverly Center. So come and join us for the final Ms. In The Biz party! Stay tuned for info coming soon!

Much love and gratitude, Helenna