Lessons From The Past And What The Future Holds


As you have probably read by now, Ms. In The Biz will be discontinuing the blogging section of the site soon. While all the archives will still be up (and I highly recommend checking to see what posts you may have missed), this is going to be my last article for the site. And as someone who was brought on board before Ms. In The Biz was even live, I’ve written about a lot of things!

Some of my favorite posts, have been the various top 10 lists I did. It was so much fun to write these posts because I was always learning new things. Sometimes, I asked my friends what things they would put on those lists and I’d learn about something I hadn’t heard of or thought of before. Or someone would reach out to me after the post was up letting me know something they would have included. While the idea of these posts was for me to share the advice I have from working on my career for so many years, I was learning so much from everyone else and I’m so grateful for that.

While I haven’t made it as far in my career as I would have liked by now, I do have plenty of random and fun stories and I’ve loved having Ms. In The Biz as a platform to share them on. I loved writing the post about my audition timeline (and found out later that my boss at my day job read it too and laughed about me trying to hide a text from them). And recently I had my first ever bikini audition (pretty unheard of for a plus-size actress) and shared a photo of my first adult bikini with you all! The support I got from everyone made my day! I have many other random stories from auditions and being on set (like how I broke my foot in an audition once and how on one set I had to shove multiple slices of pizza in my mouth), but I feel like some of those posts really helped people understand what life as an actor is like.

Since becoming a Ms. In The Biz writer, I’ve gotten to do some fun stuff. I ran for and was elected as a SAG-AFTRA delegate and got to share with you all about that. Being a delegate has been an incredible experience and I hope that many of you will join me next year when I have to run again. I would love to see some Ms. In The Biz people as elected members of the union so that we can all make the changes that we want to see in this industry. And more recently I had my first experience self-producing a short film that will be premiering on November 13th. I never thought I’d self-produce, but I was inspired by my fellow writers to make the leap and I’m so glad that I did. While self-producing isn’t going to be something I do all the time, I know that my first project won’t be my last.

If I had to pick one article to be my Ms. In The Biz legacy, I think it would have to be my post about not giving yourself a timeline. I still see actors and writers saying that they are going to give LA one year and if they aren’t making a living just by their career (and not needing to have a day job), they are going to leave. As someone who has been doing this for more than a decade, I hate to see so many talented people leave because they didn’t become who they thought they should be quickly. This industry takes time and patience and that’s not the easiest thing. But I’ve seen so many “overnight” success stories that were 10 or 15 years in the making. As long as you have the desire to do your dream career, I say go for it. You may need to juggle multiple day jobs, but once you are able to support yourself completely from your career it will all be worth it.

The best thing that has happened to me by being a Ms. In The Biz writer is all of you. The writers, readers, and supporters that I’ve been able to meet in real life and online have been so amazing and have made my life so great! I feel like the community created on here is so powerful and I can’t wait to see what projects will be Ms. In The Biz productions in the coming years. And hopefully I will be able to be a part of those productions! I’m sad that my tenure as a Ms. In The Biz blogger is coming to the end, but I hope that this won’t be the end of my relationship with you readers! Please find me on social media and if you want to continue following my crazy life as an actor please subscribe to my personal blog.

Thank you again for letting me a part of your lives! This part of the journey is over, but I know that the journey is just at the beginning and we all have great things to come in the future!