Timing Is Key


This is my twelfth blog post for Ms. In The Biz, which marks my one-year anniversary with this lovely group of determined women in the filmmaking business.  Sadly though, it also happens to be my last. (For more information on the evolution of Ms. In The Biz, please visit here.)

Life works in interesting ways and timing can have quite an effect on it. A Greek Poet, Hesiod, once wrote “Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor.”

Timing has played an extremely important role in my life in the past few years, but it wasn’t until I began to pay attention to it did I realize the role I played in it.

One has to pay attention to the tide, which is why I attend the Film Independent Film Forum every year. It’s a wonderful place to feel the pulse of independent filmmaking and network with others who are doing exactly as you. From year to year, one can see the trends that stick, the ones that don’t, new platforms emerging and old ones fading away. It helps to stay on top of the business side of independent filmmaking as well.

This year, knowing that I would no longer be writing for Ms. In The Biz, I approached the creator of a popular filmmaking site and pitched an idea I wanted to write for him. Lo and behold, he gave me a shot!

I hadn’t originally planned to do so but wanting to continue to write about filmmaking, I began to search for another outlet and when I realized who was going to be at the same event as myself, I made the most of the timing.

Suppose you really want Kate Winslet for your film but you have no way of getting your script to her. But then, let’s say one day, the universe throws you a bone and she’s standing in front of you in a coffee shop in West Hollywood. Now imagine if you just happened to have a copy of your script on a pen drive ready to give to her?

That’s how timing is key.

You never know what’s going to happen. Where your path will take you. And how you’ll reach your end destination. My advice is to enjoy the ride, embrace your experiences and keep a keen eye open for opportunities, especially when the timing is right.