Without Grace & Self-Care During the Holidays


Last week, I was lucky to have a chance to attend the release of Without Grace, a short film written by and starring Ms. in the Biz’s own Angela Cohen. The film is a powerful look at how mental illness impacts both the people who suffer from it as well as those who care for them.

Director Deborah Kampmeier & Writer/Actress Angela Cohen, photo credit:
Christine Celozzi

The film (which was directed by Deborah Kampmeier and also features excellent performances from Cohen, Ann Dowd, and John Doman) is raw, impactful, and a great conversation-starter about mental health.

Watch the film’s trailer here!

Fittingly, after the screening event attendees were treated to a thoughtful expert panel about self-care during the holidays. Topics discussed included advice for helping friends and family through difficult periods, and the importance of taking the reigns when it comes to your own mental health. This is an especially important message during the holiday season which can be so fraught with emotions for many.

Angela’s introduction of the film summed up the purpose of Without Grace and the event perfectly:

“Our goal in making this film was to open up the conversation on mental health because when you get people talking, they begin to heal. They begin to remove the stigma associated with mental illness and open their minds to people who are different then themselves. They begin to realize they’re not alone in their own struggles. We begin to come together as a community. And as a community together, we can create change.”

– Angela Cohen
Self-Care during the holidays panel, photo credit:
Christine Celozzi

Make sure to check out Without Grace available soon on Amazon, and here’s to a happy & healthy holiday season for everyone!