Enjoy the Downtime


Yup, the holidays. This can be a crazy-making time full of deadlines and pressure and familial obligations, but it can also be a glorious downtime and period of self-reflection and manifestation.

Here at Ms. In The Biz we’ll be taking the next two weeks off from posting new content and returning from our break on Monday, January 7th.

I believe that it’s just as important to experience rest, relaxation, and downtime in order to recharge, regroup, and prepare oneself for the next leg of the journey. This is especially true at the end of one calendar year and into the next.

While the entertainment industry is a hustle, an absolutely VITAL part of this industry is really allowing oneself to experience the gift of any downtime that you can get. And let’s face it, the winter holidays are literally the only time that the entertainment industry collectively stops for a hot second. So my wish for all of you, is that you will be able to take a moment in the midst of any hectic holiday happenings, and allow yourself to take stock of the past year, set goals for the new year, and kick up your feet and relax. Truly relax.

We’ll see you all in January!

xo Helenna – Founder of Ms. In The Biz