Entertainment Industry Organizations You Need to Be a Part Of


We all start the new year with a gusto of energy. This year we have goals and we are going to achieve them and make those dreams happen. But we can’t do it alone, no matter what we think. The following are some great organizations that should be on your radar this year as an actor, filmmaker, writer, and more. Find your tribe.


Women in Film is probably the most prestigious and the most active of the organizations on this list. You can apply to be a member with a letter of recommendation. There are a ton of mixers, screenings and amazing programs that include workshops and funding. This is definitely one of the ones you must join as a female filmmaker. So many benefits to a membership with them.


2. Cinefemme

A small but mighty organization with monthly mixers, lots of discounts on festivals and an amazing dinner series with prominent women in the industry. You will definitely love being a part of this amazing group of women.


3. Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media 

Being a member of the Institute is definitely educational. The focus is about inclusion. With a series of lectures on the current status of industry, they are the most studious choice. They also have tons of opportunities for networking as well. But this is definitely focused on education and changing the narrative in Hollywood.


4. Lady Filmmakers

Another small organization that has a lot to say. Mixers, production help, and a huge film festival, it’s a group of hardworking filmmaking women making waves, and helping each other out.


There are so many other organizations to support, including our own America Young’s The Chimaera Project.

Can’t join? Many of the organizations have a ton of volunteer opportunities that allow you to be involved, attend the events, and network even without membership. These events are where you will find some of the greatest collaborators. I can’t tell you how many gems I have found just by attending one of these events alone. So, don’t be afraid to go alone, or with a friend and say hi. You never know who your next big ally in this industry will be.