Author Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth was born in Pueblo, Colorado, brought up on movies like Airplane!, Naked Gun and Clue! She quickly developed a razor sharp wit and repartee that sometimes only her siblings and cousins can truly understand. She loves to laugh and cause others to dissolve into laughter. After a childhood of running down dirt roads barefoot, creating chalk cities on the driveway and running a roller rink in the garage, she attended the University of Northern Colorado. She has a degree in Theatre: Directing and Journalism: Telecommunications. Elizabeth is graduate of iO West and Second City’s Conservatory. Elizabeth is also a screenwriter and producer. Her short films, "Always Remember Me", “Just Like the Movies”, “Circle Yes or No” and “Tactics” can be seen online and in film festivals. Most recently, Elizabeth has been a Line Producer on great projects like, "It Happened Again Last Night", "What Metal Girls Are Into" and "Weather Talk". A One Stop Shop. Actress. Writer. Producer. Humanitarian. Accomplished Hugger. Consistent Dreamer.