Author Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth was born in Pueblo, Colorado, the land of nothing, brought up on movies like Airplane!, Naked Gun and Clue! She quickly developed a razor sharp wit and repartee that sometimes only her siblings and cousins can truly understand. She loves to laugh and cause others to dissolve into laughter. After a childhood of running down dirt roads barefoot, creating chalk cities on the driveway and running a roller rink in the garage, she attended the University of Northern Colorado. She has a degree in Theatre: Directing and Journalism: Telecommunications. Elizabeth is graduate of iO West and Second City’s Conservatory. She currently performs with Simpatico, a house team, at Now Improv! Elizabeth is also a screenwriter and producer. Her short films, “Just Like the Movies”, “Circle Yes or No” and “Tactics” can be seen online and in film festivals. A One Stop Shop. Actress. Writer. Producer. Humanitarian. Accomplished Hugger. Consistent Dreamer.