Author Silvana Gargione


Silvana Gargione is a New Jersey-born, Emerson College-educated, and Meisner-trained actor and comedic improviser. She is also a walking stereotype - a 1st generation Italian-American, she grew up working in her family's restaurant and convincing everyone that her family wasn't in the mafia (seriously though, they're not). In June 2012, she authored and published her first non-fiction children's book about the 1000 islands region of upstate New York, St Lawrence ABCs. Silvana has been involved in a variety of independent projects, as well as generously contributes her legit chops to the advancement of America's commerce (see: books commercials on the regular). She keeps a large vegetable garden year-round, and can pickle, saute, roast, or stew anything she grows. Her religion is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.