Red Carpet Rundown #3: you’ll never shop for shoes the same way again!

This article focuses on something near and dear to all our female hearts. We love and covet them, even when they hurt us. Men? Frakk, no—shoes!!! The ultimate accesory to make an outfit pop. Never underestimate how often your shoes are photographed on the carpet. Here is a photo of some of the lovely gals from ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining at the IFQ Festival this February where Paula Rhodes and I were awarded Best Direction of a Webisode.
 Left to Right: Shannon Nelson in Louboutin nude pumps, Stephanie Thorpe in Kate Spade patent nude heels (borrowed from Shannon), Paula Rhodes in black Matisse heels and Casey McKinnon in pointy-toe leopard print heels from Nine West.
But the great news is shoes can be worn again and again. The always fabulous Kristyn Burtt has rocked these heels from Guess at the Tonys in 2011 as well as at the Oscars in 2007, 2011 AND 2012!  Talk about bang for your buck!
We try to make it look effortless, but finding the right sexy comfortable shoe can be a mission impossible. Until now.
Introducing one of many design your own shoe sites popping up online. Several of my friends have used this site and rave about it. Basically you made the shoes of your dreams! You pick the heel size 2-4″ as well as narrow, regular or wide, and then have EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW YOU CAN IMAGINE TO CHOOSE FROM! And in different fabrics too! All for $88, with sales dropping them down to $77 or lower. AND HERE’s the kicker– they are comfy!!!
These were the shoes my bff Shannon Nelson suggested I invest in so I wasn’t always borrowing hers (see top pic!)…and they are perfection!
RCR tip: I’ve said it before , but make friends with gals with your same shoes size!  You can work out a rental deal, but, mostly i find friends are eager to trade shoes and the only caveat being if you damage it you get it repaired.

The ladies of Team Unicorn know that sharing is caring. This gorgeous leg belongs to Rileah Vanderbilt photographed recently wearing Louboutin’s at the Hatchet 3 Premiere. These golden spiked stilettos were lent to her by friend & fellow team member Clare Grant for the event.
And for the record I do own one pair of Louboutin’s–they are my prized possesion; and, yes, I loan them out to my gal pals. I can be bribed if you are a size 7.5–I’ve been dreaming of Jimmy Choo’s!
Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 3.32.34 PM
One last RCR tip: Since you’ll never know how long you’ll be on you feet and might end up dancing the night away, always bring a pair of flats with you. This year I wore my Star Wars ballet flats on the red carpet at the Oscars! Hey, I’m a geek and proud of it 🙂

May the Fashion Force be with you!