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What is Success to You?


Lindsay CooleyWhat is success to you? What makes you happy, what makes you tick? Are you really that far away from personal success if you really think about it?

The other day I was driving down the street thinking about in addition to what I already have in life, what else I would need/do in order for me personally before feeling like I had really become “successful”.

Here were my thoughts;

I would like a Mercedes convertible and a house in Beverly Hills. I’d love to work for myself in a job which allows me to travel back and forth to NY once a month. I’d love to take off on a private jet and go to Europe for a couple of weeks every summer.  I’d love to have an amazing husband who loves me more than anything in life, a fat diamond ring and a child or two (eventually). I’d love to be healthy until I die in my sleep, my mom and dad to live in California and to teach at least 1 Million people that they are worthy of happiness and abundance in life.  That to me would be an extremely successful life.

Then I think to myself, “How would I feel if I already had all of the things listed above,” and decide I’m actually not that far off. What if I were driving a Mercedes at that moment instead of the one I was in? Or what if I were driving on the way to a bigger home? I don’t believe I would feel that different; and to be quite honest, I’m not ready for that big house in Beverly Hills yet. I currently have a very nice new apartment in West Hollywood and a nice car. If I had that Mercedes today, it would probably get scratched by one of the other seven cars that park tandem in my (what should be) four car driveway.

I have an amazing job that I actually want to go to every single day, I travel to NY once in a while, I have backpacked Europe, my mom just moved to California, I make it a point everyday to stay positive and I write for Ms. In The Biz in addition to writing my own book called, “The Game of Life”, which I believe will help teach those 1 million people about happiness and abundance.

I have a long way to go until I reach my full potential and idea of success, but for now I suppose I am as successful as I need to be for this level of my life. When I begin feeling unfulfilled at this level and I am ready for that husband, house and responsibility of a child I’ll move to the next.

Success is the measurement of your personal happiness, as long as you are happy, you are doing a great job in this game of life so take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Are you really that far off from personal success?” I bet you’ll be surprised with what your answer will be.

Love, Lindsay : )

Lindsay Cooley

About Lindsay Cooley

Lindsay's mission in life is to set an example for everyone to believe in themselves and live the life they’ve always imagined! She believes that everyone deserves to be extremely happy, no matter what anyone else says! Shortly after moving to Los Angeles from New York for the SUNSHINE, Lindsay fell in love with the entertainment industry and worked in the Adult Commercial Department at The Osbrink Agency until she was recently scooped up by FORD Models to be an Agent at their office in Los Angeles. At FORD she is able to contribute more of her expertise in fashion, which she LOVES. With a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, putting people into advertising is a natural fit. Above and beyond submitting/pitching client’s everyday she helps style test shoots, gives personal wardrobe advice and thrives on bringing positivity into any aspect she can. In addition Lindsay loves going to the beach, live music, wine tasting (cab and chard are her faves), spin class, painting and writing!