How To Promote Successfully Using Twitter – Cheat-Sheet Series : Part 3


Natasha Younge - smallerWant to know five things you can do to ensure promotion success on Twitter?  Whether you have a personal account, or an account related to an entertainment project, using this “Twitter Cheat-Sheet Series” will make sure you have an audience ready to hear and, most importantly, share your message.

Last time, we talked about how to get people to follow you, especially when you have an account that is about a concept, like a film.  Basically, it comes down to actively engaging with your audience by starting a real conversation.  This draws more followers organically over time – so it is not something to do at the last minute.

Now let’s get to this month’s tip.  How do you keep your audience interested enough to keep coming back – even while you are promoting hard-core?

#3.  Follow the 80 / 20 rule.

Okay, the time to promote your project has arrived.  You’re pumped, and you’re ready to get your message “out there.”  But soon, you find yourself tweeting your promotion messages with little to no response from your audience.  In a panic, you begin tweeting even more.  Crickets.  Sound familiar?  What went wrong?

You might be missing this general rule of thumb to use when sharing on your Twitter timeline:  the 80 / 20 rule.  My Twitter mentor, Keith Keller, shared this with me as part of his five ‘Twitter 101’ tips.  Generally, the idea is to share, share, share, share.  Then every fifth tweet, you promote your project or business.

Now for everyone who has been following this series, this advice may sound very similar to something covered in my previous article.  And it is!  It is worth repeating for the sheer fact that when it comes to crunch time, it is next to impossible not to go into “carnival barker” mode.  You are deeply passionate about your project and want people to know about it, respond, and then take action.  They, on the other hand, want to know WIFM.  In other words, “What’s in it for them?”

Your answer is simple: value.  By getting into the practice of primarily sharing content that your audience will find valuable on Twitter, you have a better chance of keeping them tuned in to your biggest promotions.  This rule also builds a greater sense of what I believe social media is meant to be at its’ core: a place for listening, collaborating, and appreciation of others.

NEXT TIME.  How do you avoid “carnival barker” mode and follow the 80 / 20 rule?  I’ll be sharing more about that next time.

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.  Have you ever heard “crickets” from your audience during a promotion?  What did you do to fix it, and re-establish connection?

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