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Ladies, You’re Worth It!


 Lindsay CooleyA lot of women look at their workplace as a glass building with a glass ceiling, especially in certain industries. They think it’s a man’s world, that they will never be an equal, that they will always get paid less and can’t ask for more.

Is it because they’re scared to ask, scared to push, scared to look bossy…or because they actually don’t think they’re worth it? Probably all of the above.

It is true that almost ALL countries are run by men, that women are not treated as equals and do not get the same compensation and respect. It’s also true that in 2012 Forbes announced that only 20 of the Fortune 500 companies have female CEO’s and that number sadly hasn’t really grown, That according to the 2014 CAWP of Rutgers College, women only hold 18.5% of seats in congress…

The list goes on and on…

Is this because women are worth less than men? Or, is it because they think they are?

From a young age most women are taught to act a certain way and to expect certain things by their parents, teachers, peers and society in general.

Let’s think about that for a minute…

While little boys are told to play around in the dirt with their trucks and to “rough house”, little girls are told to stay clean, pretty and “play house”. I read an article once that said that Gymboree used to sell onesies for babies with different quotes on them. One for a boy and another for a girl.

The boy onesie read, “Smart like Daddy”, while the girls onesie read, “Pretty like Mommy”. Agree or not, I’ve never seen a onesie for a girl that says, ”Smart like Mommy”.

As those little girls grow up wearing clothing with these statements and playing “nice”, nothing in society changes. They’ll always be told to “act like a lady”, that beauty matters, that they should wear make-up, wear their hair a certain way, and wear certain clothing. The list could go on and on.

But, we cannot confuse “acting like a lady” and “looking nice” with speaking up and asking for what one’s worth. “Acting like a lady” does not mean to allow one’s self to be belittled, to receive lesser pay than a male counterpart or to put your own dreams and goals on the back-burner.

Maybe it is because of my personal upbringing and because I believe that every dream in the Universe is possible, but I find it VERY hard to believe that it is the sex of the person that determines how high they can grow within a company. Heck, the company I work for has a woman’s name on the front door and has been in business for 25 years! The main problem I see is that the majority of women THINK they are below men, therefore they don’t ASK for what they want and what they deserve because they don’t THINK they will get it.

My question is, why?

Why do the majority of women still feel like this when there are many women in really high places? Why are they scared to stick up for themselves? The majority of them self-made. And what can we do to change their way of thinking? What can we do right now to STOP thinking of all of the males in charge and instead think of all of the females in charge?

Let’s start by looking at a few off my favorite successful women in Entertainment to get motivated!

Cindy Osbrink- Owner of The Osbrink Agency (my boss, idol and mentor)

JK Rowling– A single mom who was once on welfare and started a book franchise, Harry Potter that made her into a billionaire

Oprah Winfrey- Billionaire who Started Harpo Studios, is also a talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist and publisher

Amy Pascal– Co-chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony

Ellen Degeneres- Started out as a stand-up comic in the 90’s now has a hit TV show of her own

Julia Roberts– An amazing, gorgeous and talented actress and producer

Beyonce Knowles- Astounding musician who hit Forbes #1 Musician in 2014, actress and entrepreneur

Anna Wintour- Editor-in-Chief, Vogue; Artistic Director, Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

I think it is our duty as women in today’s society to aim higher than anyone ever has and to actually BELIEVE that it can happen.

Stop complaining instead of doing. Stop saying maybe instead of yes, stop saying you’re not worth it because you are and stop telling yourself that you can’t, because you CAN. One of my favorite quotes is, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!”. It’s SO true.

Your mind is the most dangerous weapon against your succession in life. Don’t let yourself be the reason for failure in any matter.

The next time you look at that glass building with a glass ceiling… walk up to it close enough to see your reflection and say to yourself; I’m worth it.


Lindsay : )

Lindsay Cooley

About Lindsay Cooley

Lindsay's mission in life is to set an example for everyone to believe in themselves and live the life they’ve always imagined! She believes that everyone deserves to be extremely happy, no matter what anyone else says! Shortly after moving to Los Angeles from New York for the SUNSHINE, Lindsay fell in love with the entertainment industry and worked in the Adult Commercial Department at The Osbrink Agency until she was recently scooped up by FORD Models to be an Agent at their office in Los Angeles. At FORD she is able to contribute more of her expertise in fashion, which she LOVES. With a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, putting people into advertising is a natural fit. Above and beyond submitting/pitching client’s everyday she helps style test shoots, gives personal wardrobe advice and thrives on bringing positivity into any aspect she can. In addition Lindsay loves going to the beach, live music, wine tasting (cab and chard are her faves), spin class, painting and writing!