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How Old Are You?


Katt SheaFor some reason I’ve been attracting people lately who want to know how old I am. I don’t keep track of my age and I haven’t for so long I really don’t know. I also don’t keep track of my horse Henry’s age, he doesn’t mind, but people like to ask me how old he is too and it nearly drives them crazy when I say, “I don’t know, I don’t keep track of age. And neither should you.” Then they want to know, well, about how old?

It drives them even crazier when I don’t know my own. For the record, I also don’t know my weight and I’m not sure how tall I am. I didn’t keep track of my dog Rusty’s age either. He was a true prince and the love of my life and he lived many years beyond expectation for his size and he looked and acted totally young and healthy until he died in my arms one day.

Incidentally, where I come from in Michigan it is a rude question to even ask a human; especially a woman. Where I grew up people wouldn’t dream of asking unless you might be underage ordering alcohol. I think it’s probably a rude question in California too, but Californians don’t have the self-control of the average mid-westerner and want immediate gratification, even about something that is none of their business. Some people even act offended when they don’t get an answer. I have to laugh out loud at that one, they are asking a rude question that is none of their business and they get irked when they don’t get an answer. Oh, and then there are the people who know because they looked me up on IMDB, but ask anyway, and TELL me how old I am. I guess in this age of no privacy, manners went out the window too. I miss manners.

In the entertainment business it is illegal to ask how old an actor, director or screenwriter is. Yes, illegal. You are not allowed to ask.

Do what you want do, be who you want to be. I find not knowing a lot of stats about myself keeps me more “me”. My doctor (who I RARELY go to) now agrees with me and I used to drive him crazy too, but when I was never sick and never needed meds he came around.

My advice is be the love and enjoy who you are in the moment and resist asking rude questions that are none of your business. Self control is good for the soul.

Katt Shea

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