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Are You Pushing Away Your Own Success? 4 Steps To Turn It Around


Wendy BraunHow do you feel when you go to the movies?  Are you able to let go and enjoy it, or do you compare yourself to those who are doing what you do, whether it’s acting, writing, directing or producing etc?

For the longest time, I couldn’t go to the movies without jumping on when I got home, comparing myself to actors in the film. Where did this always leave me?  Feeling bad about my own success. No matter what I had done, who I had worked with or the accolades I received for my work, it seemed there was always someone who was doing more or better and living a bigger and more fabulous life.

Then I finally realized, from my ego’s point of will always be that way! The real question to ask yourself: Am I using another’s success to disconnect me from my own worth + value? If you are condemning yourself for where you are, then you are out of alignment with your own greatness. YOU are the one who is actually pushing away your own success.

Have you noticed that when you hear about a friend or acquaintance booking a job, selling a screenplay or get hired by a production company, that you sometimes end up feeling frustrated + defeated, that somehow their success means you are failing? We’ve all been there. But I am here to tell you….

Condemning where you are will never help you get to where you want to be.

But. I actually DO think it’s important to allow yourself to feel the feelings that come up. That is the key to turning it all around.

If you find yourself feeling jealous, frustrated or angry, have your pity party, play your violin, feel depressed + then move on. Slapping a smiley face sticker over your pain is like not cleaning a wound + then putting a band-aid over the dirt.  It will just make your wound worse + linger longer.

Here are 4 steps to moving through difficult feelings + turning things around.

  • Acknowledge it.
  • Allow it.
  • Fully feel it.
  • Let it go.

Also know that…

” The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

When you take time to feel what we often label “negative’ feelings, it can give you the fire + desire to turn things around.

Why rob yourself of that powerful launching-off position?

It’s when we STAY in that frame of mind, condemning ourselves for where we are over and over + never letting up, that it becomes toxic + keeps us stuck. Know that when those around you are having amazing success, that you are actually closer than you may think. When you can celebrate another’s success, you are more in alignment with your own.

Don’t push what is coming your way away by being bummed it’s not here yet.

Find a way to take action on the goals you’ve set for yourself. Follow up with someone you met, collect your work, write a thank you note, congratulate a colleague or a casting director on the film you just saw. Do something that gets you into action + out of your head. There’s a lot you can do to get closer to your dreams, but being mad at yourself for where you stand today isn’t one of them.

Here’s to YOU aligning with your inherent greatness + reclaiming it today.

Love + Gratitude,

~ Wendy Braun

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