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How I Made My First Feature Film: Part Three


Kodi’s Final Steps to Making a Movie

  1. Your team is everything.
  2. Breathe. Enjoy the process.
  3. Have fun!

Alright, so I had my script, I had my cast, I was locking down my locations…BUT I had no crew yet. Finding crew was the most difficult part of my movie. Actors will work with you for nothing because they love the project and want to be a part of it, but crew people gotta pay the bills.

I had met with a couple of people, but I had no budget to pay them. I hate being that filmmaker that “has a dream” and “really believes in the project,” but doesn’t have the money to fund it; but that’s where I was.

After going through a couple of people who were great, but out of my budget, I was fortunate enough to find my DP while working on the set of my husband’s movie. He told me he was really excited and liked the story and believed in the project. He also understood that I HAD TO make this happen even with no money. (I did a major happy dance on the inside.) As soon as we got done working on my hubby’s movie, we had to get right to working on mine. That didn’t give us much time.


I have no idea how we managed it, but we got the movie done. My cast was amazing and would pitch in to help with catering, set dec, whatever I needed. They were my lifesaver. Having an amazing, supportive team who believed in what they were doing and being willing to do whatever it took to make our project soar was what made me able to get my movie done.

Film is a collaborative art. It takes more than one person to make a movie. Having a good group of people around you makes all the difference in whether or not you get things done. We all want to make money and pay our bills and be super abundant and famous and doing amazing roles, but we all have to start somewhere.

Don’t be afraid to believe in something. Just the positive energy alone is enough to drive you forward to success. It makes you a new person and gives you the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. You have the power to create your own reality, so don’t be afraid to go for it just because you don’t appear to have the resources you need at the moment. If you are passionate and believe in something with all your heart, things will fall into place.

Go be great.

Love, Kodi



Kodi Saint Angelo

About Kodi Saint Angelo

Kodi is an actress and filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. She loves learning new things and sharing information with others. She is passionate about filmmaking and wants to create a Hollywood that is safe and supportive to foster creativity and collaboration amongst filmmakers. For Kodi, there are only two reasons to make a film: to share an important story/message and to have fun!