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So You Got A Podcast…


You’ve got the equipment, the concept, and it’s up and ready to go. Now what? How can you get people to listen? Here are 5 tips to get your podcast out there!

  1. Know your niche

When you know your crowd, you will know where your people are. Nerdy? Go to your local Comic Book shops and conventions to get to know people. This is also how you will get excellent guests. When you are active in the community that you are podcasting about you not only benefit from listener boosts, but also guests, opportunities to cross pollinate and more.

So find out where you fit. Comedy, Industry, they all have their hangouts. Be there, and be active.

  1. Friends

Have friends that have a podcast? Guess what, they need guests, and that is an excellent way to expand your listener base. They’ll promote you and you’ll promote them. It’s a win/win. Be a good guest and more doors will open. Others will see exactly why they should listen and or guest on your show.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to come on your show

You know how many people get the guests they want? They ask. Asking takes confidence but the worst thing they can do is they say no. Be professional. Be nice. Ask and you never know what might happen. Be prepared for the awesome possibilities.

  1. Panels

Propose panels to events that are in your area of interest. This is free publicity. Come up with a few concepts and pitch them to organizations that fit your podcast. You’d be surprised how much content people are looking for, and you may just fit the bill. It gives you and your podcast prestige and PR So why not!

  1. Podcast Festivals

Submit your podcast to festivals or just show up to these festivals. A good majority of the people that are at these festivals have podcasts of their own and want to collaborate. If not, you are in a place where the crowd listens to podcasts, and the next one in their rotation, it may just be yours.

The most important thing is to remember “who” your podcast is. Once you know you have a solid concept, you’ll know exactly where to go to promote it!


Anastasia Washington

About Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington is an actress, writer, producer, director, curvy positive model, and I’m sure there’s some other things she does. You can listen in to her awesome podcasts “Legion of Leia”, “Nerd Up or Shut Up”, “Its Probably Aliens”, “Geek Girl Social Club”, “Nerds in Lala Land” on iTunes and more! With over 30 years in the biz as an actor, performer, comedian, singer, she brings the honesty and laughs. You can follow her on twitter at @AnastasiaW on instagram at @Anastasiawash and on her hilarious Youtube Channel Anastationtv! Or head on over to for all things Anastasia.