No I’m Not A Flake, I’m An Actor


There’s a lot of pressure out there in this world to be perfect. To please everyone and have all the time in the world for every single person in your life. In a perfect world this would be easy. You could do all you needed to do, wanted to do and more. Unfortunately, you are human and not a wizard with the magical ability to multiply yourself or turn time to your advantage. So instead you are the flakey actor.

In a life that makes you constantly look for your next gig even while sitting in the comfort of your current gig being “flakey” is par for the course. Loved ones and friends say I haven’t seen you at all lately, You missed this this and this. And when you are between gigs it’s, what are doing with yourself lately, I mean it’s nice you’ve been to every event but is it not going well. No one is pleased. Especially not you.

The strings they begin to tug. I have to work every second to justify my course of career. I have to have time for family and friends. I have to sleep some time in the next century.

It’s a lot of unknown pressure to those who don’t live this life. They don’t realize when you get a job you must jump. When you have an opportunity that could lead to more you might take that pay cut or nothing at all just to have the next gig. In other words, being misunderstood is going to happen.

People will say all these events and all these gigs look so fun and yes they are. You are perusing your dreams and that’s a beautiful and wonderful thing. But it’s also work. It’s also draining. You will always be working, always. When you are smiling at an event but are sick and tired and rushing around pretending to have fun, that’s work That might just lead to the next pay check but also it may be a disappointment.

So you are a flake. You can’t go to things sometimes. You need mental health days filled with Netflix and never putting on clothes. You will miss things. You will look like you’re having the time of your life when you aren’t. But one things for sure when you take care of you the machine works better. So let them talk or chide you, after all, they miss you, and that’s just about the sweetest thing ever.


Anastasia Washington

About Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington is a show biz gal growing up in the industry and professionally singing and acting since the age of 4. Now as an adult she's taking the reigns of her career. Acting, hosting, singing, modeling, writing and producing her own content. In a male driven world she's one of the boys, except she usually has a bow in her hair. Her credits include The Addams Family Movies, Lamp Chop, albums with Michael Jackson and Harry Connick Jr. She hosts several podcasts and is active in the Improv community. Her motto is today her closet tomorrow the world!

  • Maiya Palmer-Stewart

    I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE THIS! I connect on so many levels, and assumed no one else understood my pain/struggles. Thank you for this!