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Holidays and Hustle


The Holidays are upon us and they can be so distracting and the death of our priorities if we let them. Here are some tips to avoid that completely.

  1. Make it a priority to do one thing towards your career a day. Whether that’s submitting to projects, or sitting down to write 20 minutes. Keep the momentum going by making it one thing a day. Everyone can do one thing a day towards your goals.
  2. Holiday Parties. There will be holiday parties at your unions, studios, etc… Network before the new year. Set things up for the coming year. Now is the time to keep yourself in their minds for 2019.
  3. Dress to impress. We can get exhausted and not want to make an effort. But I’ll tell you nothing helps more than dressing for the day or job you want. It just puts a vibe out there to you and others that this is what you want and what you are.
  4. Take breaks. You can easily get overwhelmed with all the activities of the season. Make sure to cut out some “me time”.
  5. Try to keep a healthy routine. If you have a daily wellness routine, keep it. Keeping your mind right during the holidays is essential and nothing helps your head more than meditation and journaling.
  6. Write it down. Your family is a gold mine of amazing dialogue, feelings, and ideas. Just keep a running note of all the ideas that pop up. That way you are enjoying the time with them and getting material.
  7. Mind, BODY, and soul. This time of year, we can give ourselves every excuse to run down our bodies with bad food, no exercise, and over stress. Keeping on top of our needs is so important. Have a cookie, but not ten. Can’t get to the gym, go for a walk. No matter what don’t use this as an excuse to back track and run down your body.
  8. Cut yourself some slack. All this being said. Be sure not to be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the season. Enjoy your family and friends and if you don’t get everything done, be ok with it. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.
Anastasia Washington

About Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington is an actress, writer, producer, director, curvy positive model, and I’m sure there’s some other things she does. You can listen in to her awesome podcasts “Legion of Leia”, “Nerd Up or Shut Up”, “Its Probably Aliens”, “Geek Girl Social Club”, “Nerds in Lala Land” on iTunes and more! With over 30 years in the biz as an actor, performer, comedian, singer, she brings the honesty and laughs. You can follow her on twitter at @AnastasiaW on instagram at @Anastasiawash and on her hilarious Youtube Channel Anastationtv! Or head on over to for all things Anastasia.