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5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Makeup


Malia2I have preached a lot in my previous articles on how you need to own who you are and not cover up all your natural beauty with pounds of makeup, however, when it comes to anything industry related like headshots, actor reels, red carpet events, that tinted moisturizer is just NOT going to cut it.

Not convinced? Here are a 5 reasons why you should think about either hiring a professional MUA (Makeup Artist), or consider learning how to do camera friendly makeup for yourself through a business like oh I don’t know…Beauty & The Brush. (Oh yea, I totally just shamelessly plugged my business.)

1) Your bathroom mirror may be showing you a reflection of a perfectly covered, flawless face but as soon as you are lit with studio lighting or have light bulbs flashing in your face, every imperfection that is hidden under your foundation will show if not properly covered.

How to avoid this – FACIAL PRIMERS!!!! Pick primers that have color correcting serums, like a green to cool out any red. This will also create another layer between your skin and your foundation. Make sure to use an under eye concealer to hide any dark circles, you may not see them with the naked eye but TRUST me, they will show on camera. Last but not least make sure to use AT MINIMUM a medium coverage foundation or one that is buildable. You need a makeup that will hold up and continue to shield any imperfections so you stay looking gorge for the camera.

2) We are all humans….we are walking 3D creatures but once you get on camera that beautifully sculpted face of yours becomes a flat, cheekboneless blob.

How to avoid this CONTOUR CONTOUR CONTOUR!!!! It’s time to take a note from our more often than not more gorgeous Drag Queen sisters and pop pop pop our faces!! We need to bring back the dimensions to our faces so the camera can read all our gorgeous angles! A lot of people like to pre-sculpt with crème products and then blend out once applying foundations, for me personally I think that can be just too much product on most people’s faces. Instead, I contour with bronzers and highlights. You want to shade the area under your cheekbone blending up, shade your jaw bone blending down, shade the sides of your nose blending down and out and highlight the tops of cheekbones sweeping your brush in a C motion up towards your hairline, down the length of your nose, on top of your cupids bow and the highest point of your chin. This will bring back all the natural contour of your face. Of course you can correct angles and intensify your cheekbones as well but that is advanced and NOT necessary for this article!

3) There is a very fine line between “dewy” and “shiny.” With the majority of us nowadays wearing BB crèmes and tinted moisturizers, we forget that on camera that natural sheen those products give us in person will come out looking like hot shiny mess.

How to avoid this – I think a healthy glow is very important on camera, it makes you look fresh and young and this is how I like to achieve it for camera. Once again we bring in a primer. My personal favorite for this task is Radiance by Laura Mercier. You can mix it in with your foundation or apply it directly on to the skin before applying foundation. When photographed, this primer makes your skin look likes it’s glowing, not shiny.  I also love using UPLIGHT by Makeup Forever on the tops of cheekbones. Make sure to always “set” your makeup with a powder before going on camera, this will knock out any shine as well.

4) Hey remember that one time when Miley Cyrus decided to dye her eyebrows blonde and it looked like she didn’t have any? Yea…..let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

How to avoid this – It is the age of eyebrows people, big thick dark eyebrows but more importantly we just want to see that you have some. Always make sure to fill in your eyebrows when going on camera and then brush them out with a spoolie. I am not saying make your eyebrows look like they were filled in with a sharpie, just bump them up a bit so they are visible on camera. Brands like Anastasia of Beverly Hills has a shade to fit any brow so it’s much easier nowadays to make your brows look natural. I prefer to use crèmes and powders to fill in brows to make them look the most natural.

5) Where are her eyes?! WHERE ARE HER EYES?!

How to avoid this- We want to see your eyes sparkle, we want to see your soul!!! All creepiness aside, the eyes are the most important part of your face so you want to make sure they POP!  Just like when we contoured the face we are going to be re-contouring the eyes. Think about it this way, highlight goes below the cheekbone, shade color goes in the crease, neutral goes on the lid, light shade below bottom lash line. It’s really that simple. You follow that with a nice mascara and lashes if you wish and your eyes will definitely POP and you will continue to look like the gorgeous you.

This can all be overwhelming I know, which is why most people choose to hire a professional to do it, but if you are willing to learn how to do it yourself you will save A LOT of money. Think about it this way, you are your calling card, you CAN NOT afford to not look your best, getting your makeup done and looking great on camera is an investment for your career because we will always be seeing you as your best!

Sometimes seeing visuals help, follow me on Instagram @beautyandthebrushmakeup for visual tips and tricks to help make the makeup process a little easier! Questions/ comments? Share below!

Malia Miglino

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