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Embrace the Sheen Ladies!! DOs and DONTs for Warm Weather Makeup


Malia2Spring is upon us and soon it will Summer and with that comes the sun and heat heat heat. Just like your wardrobe your makeup also needs a bit of a change. Here is a list of DOs and DONTs for your makeup as the temperature rises.

DO – Use sunscreen, like….a lot of it. Sometimes I even like to blend my sunscreen in with my foundation, creating my own version of a tinted moisturizer and the mixture will give your skin a nice dewy effect. Just make sure to always use oil free sunscreen, we don’t want our sun protection saving us from a burn but covering us in acne.

DON’T- Think the same foundation that matched your skin for Winter will be the right shade now. Women have a tendency to get tan everywhere but their faces, make sure everything is even by always matching your foundation shade to your chest. Voila!! No ghost faces!

DO- Use bronzer! When bronzer is used the right way it can create a fresh and sexy glow, I like to use  bronzers with a hint of metallic in them like Too Faced’s Beach Bunny collection. My favorite way to use them is by swirling a big fluffer brush in the bronzer then lightly sweeping them over my cheeks, t-zone and across my collar bones. The fluffer brush makes it look more natural because it leaves no harsh lines that need blending out the way a traditional contour brush will.

DON’T- Use powder products. I think one of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to makeup while the heats rising is trying to fight the glow and sheen, it’s going to happen. Matte makeup works for cooler weather, in the heat you will end up looking like a melting painting if you continue to powder yourself to take away the sheen. I say EMBRACE IT! Powder foundations, really powdery blushes and eye shadows will crease even with the best primers. Do yourself a favor and ditch the powders for the next few months.

DO- Use crème products! Things like crème shadows and crème blushes will look natural and fresh against your dewy skin. Another added benefit to these products is most of them are “long wear” and can even survive some pool time.

So in review, embrace the dewy, we can all get back to being pale powdery ghosts come fall but right now have fun with golds, and peaches and crèmes and waterproof makeup!!

Thoughts? Favorite products! Share below!! 

Malia Miglino

About Malia Miglino

Known to most as an actor and make-up artist - Malia Miglino considers herself a creative above all else. Her passion to create and chase her dreams brought her to LA at 18 where she attended the Makeup Designory and received her Journeyman Certificate. After years of both acting and doing make-up for web series and indie film; she was inspired to open her own freelance beauty and consult service, Beauty and the Brush in 2011. In 2014 Malia decided to start taking her career into her own hands and created her first web series “Macabre Mondays.” Whether it’s illustrating a children's book, filming an old haunted location, delving into a character or making up an actor on set; happiness comes from living the life of your choosing. For Malia that means creating something everyday and inspiring other women to do the same.