Stop Treating the Audition Room Like A Runway!


Malia2I get it, it’s pretty exciting when you buy a new outfit or learn a new makeup technique or decide, “yes, I can pull off lavender lipstick”but there’s a time and place where you should put all your new stuff on display….and it’s not in the audition room.

Don’t understand where to draw the line? To make it easy, I’ve compiled a list of 3 DON’TS from my years of sitting in audition rooms.

1) Makeup trends DO NOT have a place in the audition room.

Lavender lipstick? LOVE IT! The nurse role you’re about to read for however, may not. Glitter eyeshadow? SO MUCH FUN! Do you want the casting directors or producers paying more attention to your eye-disco-balls than your audition? I don’t think so. Iridescent white lipgloss? It may be all over the fall runway shows but to most people it will still look outdated and juvenile and well, I just don’t think “iridescent white”when I see lawyer breakdowns. Ya feel me?

2. Stop with the heavy black eyeliner. JUST DON’T.

Don’t get me wrong, I love black eyeliner, hell you can wear your own version of Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy raccoon eyes around town if you want, just leave it out of the audition room, leave it out of the head shots, just leave it. Black eyeliner ages you always. It also can make your eyes look smaller (unless applied properly…which is rare) which is counter intuitive when you want your eyes to POP! Stick with dark browns and softer eyeliners to help enhance your eyes without masking it or making the casting directors question why they brought you in for an 18 TPY (to look younger) role.

3. DON’T let your clothing make a bigger statement than you.

I see it every time I’m waiting to go into an audition, girls with outfits that are so loud it’s all you can pay attention to.  Five inch acrylic heels with freaking solar systems in them? AWESOME! Except no one’s payed attention to your read because we were all paying attention to your feet. Plaid dresses with combat boots, heavy knit sweater and what appears to be some sort of leather strapping armor? I’m sure it looks great on the street and at the Free People runway show but right now everyone is just wondering if you are auditioning for a My So Called Life meets Outlander hybrid.

In conclusion you just want to make sure that when you walk into an audition room everyone is seeing YOU and not your fun makeup or crazy clothes. They may be “you,” but they aren’t the you that needs to be shining at that moment. Outside of the audition room? Feel free to get your funky on!