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Things to be thankful for – Actor in Los Angeles Edition!


MaliaLike I’ve mentioned in previous articles, being a multi-hyphenate in LA can be HARD and with the rocky terrain a lot of “i hates” can drop out of your mouth all too often in the hustle to achieve our dreams. This is why it’s all the more important that this Thanksgiving you really look at what you’re thankful for. To get you started, I’ve compiled a short but concise list of things to be grateful for this holiday season so you don’t find yourself sobbing at the Thanksgiving table wishing you were the turkey.

1) You live in LA!

Moving to Los Angeles has been a dream of mine since I was five years old. This is the only place on the PLANET that is built around dreams, make believe, glamor and cinema. The person making you coffee could be tomorrow’s biggest movie star. That breakdown you just had in the middle of the street could catch the attention of writer, inspire a film and they could demand you as the lead. The point is in LA anything is possible, every day is different and everyone wants to be apart of the buzz. Reality check ; you already are. So smile, say thank you and take a photo in front the Hollywood sign!

2) You’re a misfit and so is everyone else.

You know that circus everyone jokes about running away to? Well, LA is the circus and it’s full of misfits, lost souls and people who feel exactly like you do which kind of also means you’re never alone. There is an amazing community of people in this city and my film and actor friends have become my true family and every day I am grateful for them. It’s true that it can be hard to reach out and make friends in this city but chances are you have met people here that in one way or another have changed your life. Do yourself a favor and say thank you to them, see them more often, realize how lucky you are.

3) To the rest of the world being an actor living in LA means you’ve made it.

So maybe you haven’t booked your dream role yet, made a million dollars, been on a billboard but hey, in those moments of doubt and despair just remember, to some kid in pretty much any other part of the country or world you seem like you are living the dream….and you probably are, so say a big THANK YOU to LA stereotypes and get a blow out and take some gorgeous photos of yourself looking FABBBBUUULLLOOOUUUSSS!!!!

4) Samuel French.

Just……thank you.!

5) There are creative outlets EVERYWHERE.

Art inspires art, as long as you’re being creative you’re living your dream. That sunset you watched from the Observatory that inspired a painting? Thank you. That street art that inspired a script? Thank you. Those friendships that blossomed into a working relationship that turned into messing around with a camera and then turned into a web series? Thank you. In LA inspiration is everywhere.

My point? There are always things to be thankful for. These 5 points should just be the beginning to your list, try and expand on it everyday. Say thank you more especially when the world isn’t telling you to say thank you. Also, this holiday season? EAT A LOT!! You’re welcome 🙂

Malia Miglino

About Malia Miglino

Known to most as an actor and make-up artist - Malia Miglino considers herself a creative above all else. Her passion to create and chase her dreams brought her to LA at 18 where she attended the Makeup Designory and received her Journeyman Certificate. After years of both acting and doing make-up for web series and indie film; she was inspired to open her own freelance beauty and consult service, Beauty and the Brush in 2011. In 2014 Malia decided to start taking her career into her own hands and created her first web series “Macabre Mondays.” Whether it’s illustrating a children's book, filming an old haunted location, delving into a character or making up an actor on set; happiness comes from living the life of your choosing. For Malia that means creating something everyday and inspiring other women to do the same.