What Is This Periscope Thing?


Periscope is a live-streaming video app and allows you to stream anything live from anywhere.

I learned about Periscope right before going to a conference, where I would be spending the weekend with other actors, writers and directors. I thought it was a great opportunity to post some content about something I love and share it with others.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really know the capabilities of the platform. Here are some things I realized I should have considered prior to broadcasting:

1) Have a creative title

Once you are ready to broadcast Periscope asks “What are you seeing now?” It’s asking for your title. Make it a good one. Be sure your title will catch the attention of your audience, but be sure that it’s relevant to your broadcast. Be captivating and inspirational!

2) Sharing is caring

Or something like that. Right before you hit the Start Broadcast button, check to see that the Twitter icon is highlighted. This will post a tweet to your followers so they know that you’re broadcasting.

Another good idea is to give your followers advanced notice on all your social media channels. Plan a time that you’re going to start your broadcast “Join us at noon to see what goes on at a production meeting” – that way you can have viewers that are truly interested in your content.

3) Save your broadcast to your camera roll

This is a great option for viewers that cannot watch your live broadcast. You can use your save broadcast and re-post it on another social media site like Facebook or YouTube.

4) Enable Replays

That means that your video will be available for viewing for 24 hours following your broadcast and then it’s gone. This is a great option to keep your audience tuning in regularly.

5) Pay attention to your camera angle

Hold your phone vertically. Usually while filming a video, you want to rotate it to landscape view. That is not the case in Periscope, you’ll just end up with an awkward angle. Yup, I did this one too.

Bonus) Engage

People will ask you questions. Talk to your audience. As the broadcaster you can’t write back to them. Acknowledge the comments and answer back if you can.

Bonus Bonus) Location, location, location.

Just like any other app, you can share your location with your followers. If you forget to turn this option off the first time you log on to Periscope, like I did, you can go into “Settings” to turn it off later.

Now that I’ve scared you. Log on to Periscope and watch a few broadcasts, comment and share the love. If you’re lucky, maybe Helenna (our founder) and Alexandra Boylan will have another broadcast. Then you may want to consider broadcasting something yourself.

Good luck!