Ms. At The Movies: Lake Bell’s “In A World” and Sara Barton’s Brewster’s Brewery”, April 2016




– Lake Bell

The words “feminism” and “gender equality” are all over the place these days, and in Hollywood, it’s now more than ever. Tinseltown is all abuzz; the lack of female film directors, the pay gap between male & female actors, the diminutive presence of women writers in late-night television – getting sick of it yet?

You’re not the only one….

It can be a tricky subject for most. You want to be supportive of women doing what it is they want to do – but you don’t want to have to see it as a FEMALE “this” or a WOMAN “that”. So what’s a girl supposed to do?

In the words of NIKE, “JUST DO IT”.

Or in the words of actress, writer, producer, and director LAKE BELL, “I think if you have a movie to make, make it. If you happen to have a vagina, that’s okay. Still make it.” Bell made her behind-the-camera debut with the 2013 comedy IN A WORLD…, a film that explores relationships and gender politics in Hollywood in the voice over business. The film was well-received at the Sundance Film Festival, winning Best Screenplay, and was praised by many for taking a hilarious and uncomfortable look into how deeply sexism can plague an industry.

April’s Movie: “IN A WORLD…”                                          Image1

Whenever asked about how she feels regarding gender inequality, Bell almost feels bad about not sympathizing more. She doesn’t see things as male versus female. She sees Martin Scorsese the same way she sees Sophia Coppola. She looks at Jennifer Lawrence the same way she looks at John Leguizamo. She remains optimistic in the changes she has seen in Hollywood thus far, and the changes she believes are to come. And while she’s eager for the day when people will talk to her about what it was like to make “that movie she made” as opposed to what it was like to be a “female filmmaker making that movie”, she understands that the world isn’t there, not yet at least.

April’s Beer: BREWSTER’S BREWERY  Image2

During the medieval times, the term “brewster” was used for a female brewer. In fact, history shows us that in ancient Egypt, beer was traditionally brewed by women, giving them a way to earn extra money while remaining at home with their children. History also shows that somewhere during the 15th century, things changed, the beer industry boomed, and with that, ale houses were born. Women were back to being the head of household, and the boy’s clubs began.

It’s only in the last decade that women have gone from being a novelty presence to a regular sight on the brewery floor. More women are starting to realize there’s a place in the industry for them. Lucky for us, one of those women is SARA BARTON from BREWSTER’S BREWERY in England.


Barton got into the brewing industry over two decades ago, getting her Masters in brewing and distilling. After working for Courage Brewery for many years, she decided to branch off so she could concentrate on a more innovative brewing passion. Barton started developing beers by putting a new twist on old styles by incorporating the latest hop varities. She became the first female winner of the British Guild of Beer Writers’ “Brew of the Year” Award, and founded Project Venus, an organization aimed to promote women in the UK brewing industry by collaborative brewing. While Sara is a huge promoter for women brewers, she doesn’t think we necessarily need to label ourselves as such. “Once people have tried our beers they realize that they are good and it makes no difference who brewed them.”

In order to pair “IN A WORLD…” with a beverage, I realized that no wine would do. I needed a beer that would prove to be as zippy as Bell and as in-your-face as her film. Enter, Brewster’s Brewery’s DECADENCE BEER. This golden ale has just a hint of malt  sweetness. On the nose you’ll get aromas of passionfruit and grapefruit, while on the palate you can’t help but be zipped away by its zesty hoppiness. A clean-tasting fresh herby finish is just the trick to keep you buzzing about while watching “IN A WORLD…”

Two very like-minded ladies on like-minded missions. Which is essentially, for the day  when we don’t have to have a mission at all.   I look forward to this day.


– Elyssa Phillips