Author Allison Vanore


Allison Vanore is an award-winning indie film and indie television producer born and raised in New Jersey. She resides in Los Angeles, CA and juggles projects on both coasts and anywhere in between. Recently Allison joined forces with Bernie Su and David Tochterman as Head of Production for Canvas Media Studios. Allison’s producing credits include original series: 'Vanity' (first project with Canvas), 'Producing Juliet', and 'Anyone But Me'. Recent feature producing credits include horror comedy 'Love in the Time of Monsters', starring horror legend Kane Hodder and Doug Jones and dramas 'Daddy' and '42 Seconds of Happiness', both premiering in the festival circuit this fall. Allison also wrote two episodes for the series 'The Ladies and the Gents' and directed an episode of 'SOLO: The Series' a series she also produced. Allison believes we owe it to ourselves to educate the next generation of storytellers. She taught online safety and anti-bullying to middle school students and their families throughout Los Angeles and taught Producing Independent Film at the Los Angeles Film School for two and a half years.