Author: Amber Plaster

Actor/Producer - Amber Rose Plaster is a sassy redheaded actress that works out of LA. She specializes in editing, social media, and just being awesome. She loves reading, dancing, and learning special weapons - right now she is learning archery on the recurve bow, fencing with foils, and attempting to fully load a .45 magazine without breaking a nail. You can find all of her links and upcoming news at: Rawr!! Links of love and heaven: and ! Watch all of Amber’s vlogs HERE.

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Read More I learned a lot from casting a few projects here and there – (and interning at some great offices), and I wanted to share some experiences with you. Sorry it’s long, it’s hard to know what to share and what to hold back over the internet, so I had to keep everything very vague, but I hope it helps you in some small way. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask – or better yet, ask a real casting director who knows way, way more than I do. I bet you can find one on twitter…

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