Spark Your Creativity! Ladies Take Over Comic-Con!


Comic con has a new trend. What is it? It’s Girl Power. That’s right, its finally trending to be a strong woman in charge of her own destiny. And no place was this more evident then at the “Spark Your Creativity” panel produced and moderated by Stephanie Pressman.


As a producer and writer of my own destiny myself, it was amazing to hear stories of the battlefield, of not wanting to be defined, but instead wanting to create and push boundaries. These women are my people. Going through the same struggles, and just like me making things happen despite hearing the word no.

And this panel was not just for women. While all the panelist happen to be women. They also are just amazing content creators that any gender can learn from. In this digital age. Its easier than ever to create. And these women are doing just that.

Some amazing tips were handed out by the geektastic panelists which were a virtual whose who of the women on the web. These panelist included America Young, Helenna Santos, Heidi Cox, Kristen Nedopak, Patty Jean Robinson, Samantha Mason, and Stephanie Thorpe. All amazing female producers who are worth a google! And quite a few you can find here on Ms in ths Biz!

So what can you take away from this panel if you missed it? Stop waiting for the phone to ring! Create! Define your own destiny. And when you have an idea. Just do it! Make it happen. And look for Spark your creativity at your next con!