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Red Carpet Rundown: 10 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Closet This Fall


StephanieThorpeCan you believe we’re more than halfway through September?

Time for Fall Cleaning!

Here’s a helpful checklist as you pare down your closet into a lean mean red carpet machine…

1) Shoes

Neutral ballet flats, gladiator sandals (they aren’t going anywhere—and let’s face it it’s hot here in LA ‘til November!), heeled black boots, black heels, nude pumps and one “statement” shoe: a bold color or eye catching style.

 2) Bags

One evening purse & one clutch (one in a neutral tone and one in a bold eye-catching hue, one bag that can transition from day to night, and one business tote.

 3) Jeans

A pair you love in a dark wash—after all, this is LA and jeans are so often our biz attire in this biz. And red carpets are trending towards more casual wear. Ok, a pair of black slacks just to be safe too.

 4) A great blazer and pencil skirt

…that matches tonally, or one killer suit

5) One crisp white blouse.

Timeless. A neutral cardigan sweater. Also timeless.

6) An LBD of course (“Little Black Dress”)

Find one–and only one, that you feel smashing in.

7) What I like to call upscale LA night attire

2 fun & striking tops, maybe a colorful breezy dress as well

8) Bras

One nude strapless (or convertible), black, and neon lacy one—that you intend to have people see peeking out from aforementioned white blouse, breezy dress or LBD.

9) Jewelry

Here’s what you want for any special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) gift cards to Claire’s, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, and Forever21. This is where you find the current, trendy pieces that will change up your outfits and make the look different for every occasion. And on the cheap too!

10) I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t insist on one geeky tee in your closet.

C’mon, you know there’s something out there you really dig no matter how offbeat… and it’s really crucial to have unique conversation pieces in your wardrobe that are YOU.

So there you have it, and yes I realize it was more than 10 things, but seriously here, we are women. What did I miss? You tell me! And let’s see if I can follow my own advice. Ha! I can tell you right now my geeky tee drawer IS NOT getting purged!

Stephanie Thorpe

About Stephanie Thorpe

Stephanie Thorpe is a veteran web content creator, serving as a producer, director, writer and actor on numerous projects—in fact, she just crossed her 100-episode milestone. Recently she and her producing partner Paula Rhodes acquired the film and television rights to the 35-year-old cult comic book "ElfQuest," which they are currently developing for the screen. Stephanie also co-created and produced "The Ladies & The Gents," a web series consisting of 60 episodes of comic vignettes. That series just launched in April and will roll out through the summer. In addition to these projects she has many other irons in the fire, some of which she can share info on ("Shelf Life" "SlumberCon") and others are coming soon! A founding member of the "League of Extraordinary Ladies," she is frequently thrilled to find herself speaking on panels at Cons throughout the year. As an actor she recently appeared in "The Ladies," "Pairings," "Night of the Zombie King," and was featured on Bonnie Burton’s program "Geek DIY." Stephanie is very excited to be a contributor to the online mag "Ms. in the Biz!"