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jane and arlieHI, I’m JANE. Malibu * Jane as I am affectionalty called by my friends and colleagues.

I left my beloved NYC after 9/11 rocked my world as a commercial flight attendant, and I took a drive across the country to heal. Along the way, I found my dog “Arlie” in the desert, ditched my commercial airline job and started flying on private jets (much more fun). My boss, who owns the G 5 jet, is a MAJOR power player. I’ll just call him “The Principal”, since I’m not allowed to divulge his identity.  I ended up falling in love. Nooo, not with a guy 😉 but with a little town by the sea called Malibu.

I got my groove back on by renewing my love of acting and using my degree from Parsons School of Design to start my own interior design biz on the side called Malibu*jane.

Traveling the world is a blast, but I can only do it by having a home that is a soft, safe place to land – a space for me to dream, to play, to work, and to share. By writing this Blog I hope to inspire and assist you in creating beautiful environments that reflect who you are and who you want to become. Along the way, I’ll share a bit of my life with you and my love of design & all things by the sea.

This is an example of what I’ll be sharing with you here at Ms. In The Biz:


I was challenged with this when I lived in a small space in New York City and again when I moved into a cottage in Malibu, California. My solution is beautiful crystal or cut glass sugar and jam bowls I find at flea markets and garage sales.  You can pick them up for far less than you would pay at a retail store and you can add your own personality by mixing and matching shapes and sizes. The crystal/cut glass gives the illusion of more space and less clutter, while providing necessary storage for items you want handy.

Not only are they beautiful and clean, they add an elegance and freshness to your vanity whether you live in the city, country, or at the beach.

– Jane






About Jane Jameston

When the Beach Boys sang of California Dreamin‘, they probably had a gal like Jane Jameston in mind. Even today, Jane radiates a warm, ethereal beauty and translates those same qualities into her work as an actress and interior designer. A graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC, Jane supported herself through school as a flight attendant, fulfilling her childhood dream of traveling the world – which she now has – from Vietnam to the south of France. Her extensive travels reinforced for her the value of having a home that is a soft, safe place to land – a space for you to dream, to play, to work, and to share. She founded her design biz, Malibu*Jane, to assist folks in creating beautiful environments that reflect who they are and support who they want to become. With an eye for effortless, understated elegance and a brain for bargains, Jane helps you shine.

  • Maria

    It would be nice if the photos were larger. It’s really hard to see…..especially when you are featuring home decor. Photos aren’t even good to pin for PInterest.

    • Ms. In The Biz

      Hi Maria!

      I’ve added some of the photos individually, but unfortunately I only have very low resolution photos. I’ve reached out to Jane and asked for higher resolution versions 😉

      Many thanks! Helenna – Ms. In The Biz founder

  • I agree re: the photos, but I’m looking forward to hearing more tips! After a year of couchsurfing when I moved to L.A. I finally have an apartment I’m happy in, but it still looks like I just moved in, or like a college student lives there. I’m a freelance writer, so budget is an issue…

    Help! 🙂

  • As someone who has been a bi-coastal gypsy for the last year, and is just about ready to get my own space again, I too, am looking forward to these tips and ideas! Thanks Jane!